Web Development

Dream Master
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • PostgreSQL
CSS Frameworks:
  • Bootstrap
  • Materialize
PHP Frameworks:
  • Laravel
JS Frameworks:
  • Vue JS

Dream Master is a web based solution for user and entertainer to provide help and service to organize events or gathering party.

By using this web app user can post competitions. Competitions includes informations such as, what type of event user going to host, when it will going to host, for that how many entertainer needful, can select entertainer category or if not matched with given category can choose others option too. User also can search and request masters or entertainers using search and request page.

Masters can create their profiles and this profile will going to approve by admin only then master profile displayed on web as entertainer profile. Once any user request for master or entertainer master get notification in both web app and email and can accept request or deny. If master accept user request user get notification in both web app and email. Chat option also be available after master accept user request. Both user and master can communicate by using chat option to get a clear view about their requirements, payments etc. After completed event successfully user can rate master and this rating added to master profile what is counted as an indicator how popular that master is or how good service this master provided. This rating is important for master to maintain a good profile to make their profile attractive to the user and help them to get more request from user in future.

Payment system also included. After completed event successfully user need to pay required amount to the admin and will going to pay master by the deadline selected before. After successfully competition of payment chat options will going to close.

As Admin handling all currency and communication stuffs this is highly secured for both user and master and no violation conflict in terms of competition, request or payment stuffs.